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    HK$ 20.00
    Color: GOLD
    It is sold separately of the sponge attached to the Pigne kitchen dispenser.
    Slim size just right for female hands, simple shape. It is easy to coordinate with your items and does not take up space at the sink.
    The label is wrapped by one point, so it is recommended as a petit gift or +1 point to a gift set.
    Size: W82 × D82 × H30mm
    Material: PET, urethane
    ● Microwave oven: Not available
    ● Oven: Not available
    ● Dishwasher: Not available
    ● IH: Not available
    ● Open flame: Not available
    Avoid the use of bleach or the use on sensitive items.
    ■ Country of origin: China

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