Jug 2.1L Pink

SKU: 1101080033694
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Jug 2.1L  Pink
Jug 2.1L  Pink
Jug 2.1L  Pink
Jug 2.1L  Pink
Jug 2.1L  Pink
Jug 2.1L  Pink
Jug 2.1L  Pink
Jug 2.1L  Pink
Jug 2.1L  Pink

Jug 2.1L Pink

SKU: 1101080033694
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The popular jug comes in natural ivory for summer only.
A large-capacity jug that can be placed vertically or horizontally.
Since it can be easily opened and closed with one hand, even children can pour by themselves.
Since the packing is an integral structure, there is no need to clean the packing groove.
Size: W153×D103×H306mm Capacity:2100ml
Material: Body: AS resin, Lid/Handle: Polypropylene resin, Inner plug/Lever: ABS resin
Care Instruction
● Microwave: No
● Oven: No
● Dishwasher: No
● Heat resistance: Yes (100°C)
■Do not place near fire.
■Do not handle this product in a rough manner. Doing so may cause damage. Also, please stop using the product with scratches or cracks.
■Do not close the lid or the inner plug immediately after adding boiling water, let it cool down to room temperature before closing the lid. The expansion of the air may crack the main unit and cause burns.
■Do not carry while it is hot as it may cause injury such as burns.
■ When pouring hot things into the main unit, place it on a stable surface and be careful not to topple over.
■When placing horizontally, make sure that the lid and inner plug are firmly closed. Water may leak.
■Do not store in the freezer as it may damage the container.
■If you put it in the refrigerator while it is still hot, it may damage other foods.
■ If the pulp or tea leaves get caught in the packing, it may cause water leakage.
■When washing the product, use a sponge or soft cloth with a mild detergent.
■The lid and inner plug are set firmly to avoid malfunctions when removing or installing. Be careful not to injure yourself, especially when removing.
■The packing part that is integrated with the lid will deteriorate (worn out and sag). In that case, please stop using it as it may cause water leakage.
■Country of origin: Japan

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