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    Color: NAVY
    It is a variation-rich Mino series to enjoy the combination of size and color. It is Mino ware made of famous ceramic pottery Gifu, but it is a shape that can be used widely for both Japanese and Western dishes. As we can use microwave oven and dishwashing machine because we are made of porcelain, we can use without hesitation in everyday dining table. * Because it is a product with individual differences, please confirm the notes and acknowledge.
    Size: W200 × D200 × H25mm
    Material: Porcelain
    ● Heat-resistant: Yes (± 120 ºC) ​​
    ● Microwave: Yes
    ● Oven: No
    ● Dishwasher: Yes
    ■ This product uses kiln modification And expresses its own texture.
    Due to the characteristics of glaze, there may be variations in the color of the baked product, glazing and pinholes, but this is not a problem.
    Please enjoy the taste of each.
    ■ Please be careful when storing it repeatedly as it is a product that is easily scratched.
    Scratches will be prevented if you put a cloth in between.
    ■ The color of the glaze, color unevenness, bleeding, and color appearance due to firing differ from point to point. Also, irregularities, color skipping, and places where no glaze is applied may be seen.
    ■ Small black spots may be seen.
    ■ The logo on the back may be crushed and difficult to see.
    ■ Only products that meet the manufacturer's quality standards are shipped.
    ■ Country of origin: Japan

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