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    A cooking container that is perfect for storing seasonings such as sugar, salt, and bay leaf.
    4 containers S (8 in total) and 2 containers L (4 in total) are lined up on the top and bottom of the S size kitchen wire rack.
    1 teaspoon (5ml /5g) spoon, with label sticker. Since this time, we have added a bar for grinding, so it is easy to weigh.
    Size: W46 × D145 × H104mm Capacity: 300ml Spoon capacity: 1 teaspoon (5ml)
    Material: Body: AS / Lid: ABS / Spoon PP
    ● Microwave oven: Not possible
    ● Oven: Not possible
    ● Dishwasher: Not possible
    ● IH: Not possible
    ● Open flame: Not possible
    ■ Heat-resistant temperature: Body 100 ℃ Spoon 100 ℃ Handle ・ Lid 90 ℃
    ■ Do not place near fire.
    ■ Do not put alcohol or foods containing alcohol.
    ■ If you touch hot water, cooking oil, citrus fruits, etc. for a long time, it may crack or discolor.
    ■ It is not completely sealed.
    ■ Do not hold the lid when carrying.
    ■ Freezer, microwave oven, dishwasher cannot be used.
    ■ The bar for scraping can be removed. * The length differs between the upper and lower bases.
    ■ Country of origin: China

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