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    Color: MULTI
    A reversible, low-resilience seat cushion with a fluffy and cute color scheme.
    Because it uses highly resilient low rebound urethane, it can be used not only on chairs but also on the floor.
    Since it is reversible with similar colors, it is easy to fit into the interior, and it is easy to match with other colors of the series, so it is a cute item even if you prepare it.
    The cover is washable, so it is recommended for those who are concerned about dirt.
    Size: W400 × D400 × H40mm
    Material: Cover 5% of polyester 95% polyurethane, body side 95% of polyester 95% polyurethane, middle material: Urethane foam
    ● Washing: Possible (cover only / weak 30 ℃)
    ● Dry cleaning: possible (cover only)
    ■ Iron: possible (cover: low temperature)
    ■ Due to the characteristics of the product, depending on the size and color There are some variations.
    ■ Due to the characteristics of the material, it may discolor when exposed to direct sunlight or light for a long time. In addition, there may be some discoloration and color transfer. Pay particular attention to friction when wet.
    ■ The pile direction may be partially different and it may look like color unevenness.
    ■ Due to friction during use, fluffing, fluffiness, and pills may occur.
    ■ Medium-sized urethane foam is flammable, so keep it away from fire or near high temperatures. In addition, it may feel soft when the temperature is high and hard when the temperature is low.
    ■ In the urethane foam manufacturing process, lump may be formed, but this is not a defect. Please understand as material characteristics.

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