TABLE Cloth Merletto White

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    Color: WHITE
    A rectangle lace tablecloth. Recommend to combine other tablecloths for layering.
    Size: W1300 × D1300mm
    Material: 100% nylon
    ■ Laundry: Only dry cleaning is Allowed.
    ■ There are some variations in size and color pattern.
    ■ It may change color when exposed to direct sunlight or light for a long time.
    ■ Because delicate materials are used, please be careful about catching and catching. In particular, do not pull the part that is untied.
    ■ It may be yellowish or brittle due to heat and light.
    ■ Do not use the iron near a heat source such as a heating appliance.
    ■ When storing, please avoid direct sunlight for a long time.

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