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    HK$ 480.00
    Color: WHITE
    Feminine design tablecloth with gorgeous floral embroidery at both ends.
    The basic coloring is easy to coordinate.
    Size: W2000 × D1300mm
    Material: Body / Embroidery 100% Cotton
    ● Dry cleaning: Allowed
    ● Hand wash: Allowed
    ■ Iron: Allowed (high temperature)
    ■ Due to the characteristics of the material, it may change color when exposed to direct sunlight or light for a long time.
    ■ Color may fade or other colors may transfer. Pay particular attention to friction when wet.
    ■ It shrinks somewhat by washing.
    ■ When cleaning, please do not wash the washing machine course.
    ■ Do not leave the product in a wet state for a long time or do not wash it.
    ■ Use a detergent that does not contain fluorescent brightener.
    ■ Please use liquid oxygen bleach for bleaching.
    ■ Do not tumble dry, please shape and dry in shade.
    ■ Fuzzing and fluffing may occur due to friction or washing.
    ■ Please be careful not to pull or hook the embroidery part.
    ■ Due to the characteristics of the manufacturing method, the end of the embroidery thread may protrude, but do not pull it.

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