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    Color: WHITE
    It is a light impression coaster designed with matte color on the pattern part and clear color on the base part.
    Size: W100 × D100 × H3mm
    Material: Polyvinyl chloride, back surface mat coating
    ● Heat resistance: 80 ºC
    ■ Please note that the combination with products (especially furniture) with the following coating may cause stickiness and sticking.
    Natural coating (lacquer, etc. ), oil, lacquer (varnish), urethane, vinyl chloride, etc.
    ■ When using, if the back surface is already sticky, it may stick to the contact surface Because there is, please be sure to remove the stickiness thoroughly with a sponge soaked in a kitchen detergent.
    ■ Please do not leave it on the table for a long time.
    ■ Please note that it will be particularly sticky especially in summer when the temperature and humidity are high.
    ■ Do not bend it too hard as it may cause damage.
    ■ Do not use near fire.
    ■ Do not place extremely hot items.

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