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    A set of 5 brushes and a case with an LED mirror that allows stepless dimming.
    You can carry it around and enjoy makeup anywhere you like.
    The LED light is placed around the mirror to cast shadows on the face. Therefore, it is possible to apply the same makeup every time without being affected by the weather or the lighting of the room.
    In addition, it suppresses uneven makeup, prevents thick coating, and makes it easy to check even the smallest details.
    The LED light can be dimmed by pressing and holding it, so you can adjust the brightness according to the brightness of the room and the tone of your skin.
    Size: W157 x D90 x H25mm
    Material: Mirror, polystyrene, LED, brush: brass hair: PBT
    ■ Battery: CR2032 × 2 (sold separately)
    ■ Battery duration: Approximately 24 hours of continuous lighting
    ■ Instruction manual: Yes
    ■ I read the instruction manual carefully and understood the contents. Please use it correctly.
    ■ If you drop the glass mirror or hit it against a hard object, it may be damaged or injured.
    ■ Do not look directly at the LED light in the lit state for a long time as it may hurt your eyes.
    ■ Do not use or store in the bathroom or in a humid place. There is a risk of fire, electric shock, short circuit and deterioration of the mirror due to insulation deterioration.

    ■ Do not wipe the body with alcohol, benzine, nail polish remover, cleanser, etc. If it gets dirty, wipe it gently with a soft cloth.

    ■ Wipe lightly with a tissue or cotton after use.
    ■ When cleaning, gently wash with a neutral detergent diluted in lukewarm water, rinse well, and then drain and dry.
    ■ Do not use any cleansers other than brush cleansers as it may cause hair loss and deterioration.
    ■ Please avoid drying with a dryer.
    ■ Mold may form if left dirty or stored in a humid place for a long time.
    ■ Please avoid using or storing in direct sunlight.
    ■ Should this disagree with your skin, avoid using it.
    ■ Comes with a test battery.
    ■ Do not mix new batteries, old batteries, or different types of batteries.
    ■ Brightness decreases with the remaining battery power.
    ■ The continuous lighting time varies depending on the battery used.
    ■ To prevent battery consumption, turn off the main power after use.

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