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    HK$ 190.00
    Color: ROSE GOLD
    A set of makeup brushes, including blush brush, eye shadow brush, eye shadow chip, lip brush and eye brow comb. Fancy as accessories. Perfect for touch up and journey.
    Size: W39 × D39 × H165mm
    Material: Aluminum, PBT resin, horse hair
    ■ After use, please wipe gently with a tissue or cotton.
    ■ When cleaning, gently wash with a mild detergent diluted with lukewarm water, rinse well, then drain and dry.
    ■ Do not use cleansing products as this may cause hair loss and deterioration.
    ■ Please avoid drying with a dryer.
    ■ Mold may form if left dirty or stored in high humidity for long periods of time.
    ■ Do not use or store in direct sunlight.
    ■ If it does not fit your skin, please discontinue use.
    ■ The aluminum part may be scratched or the plating may be peeled off.

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