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    Color: WHITE
    An elegant parasol with paisley pattern. Treated with special polyurethane coating, excellent in sunlight shielding, UV prevention and water repellent. Suitable for all weather.
    Size: W55 × D55 × H240mm Length of main bone: 470mm
    Material: Fabric: 100% polyester, bone: aluminum, iron, fiberglass
    ■ Umbrella for rain and rain (UV cut rate: approx. 99. 9%)
    ■ This umbrella has a safeguard function on the stopper so that fingers and nails will not be damaged when opening and closing. When opening the umbrella, do not press the cover, but spread the umbrella until you hear a click.
    ■ When closing the umbrella, lightly push the cover to close it.
    ■ The product has sharp parts. Always check the surrounding safety before use.
    ■ Please use away from your face and body when opening and closing the umbrella.
    ■ Do not use a stick instead.
    ■ Do not use with your hand or the tip of an umbrella broken.
    ■ Do not swing or throw.
    ■ Use with caution as it may be damaged in strong winds.
    ■ Please dry in shade after use.
    ■ If left wet, it will lead to water resistance, water repellency and bone deterioration.
    ■ Please pay attention to your children from parents.

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