MEHNE Ottoman Light Gray (W850×D600×H425mm)

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    An ottoman that can be relaxed by stretching your legs with a sofa or couch.

    The point is piping that tightens gentle curves. In a large living room, you can enjoy combining it with your favorite sofa, or even if you put it in a living room that is not so large, it will make the space look wider without blocking your line of sight.

    A feeling of relaxing size
    With a feeling of spacious size, it can be sandwiched between couch sofas to make a larger sofa couch, and the sofa and ottoman can be combined to make a corner sofa You can use it for various purposes. The low size has the effect of making the room look spacious without feeling oppressive, and it is a design that is easy to place in rooms of various sizes.

    Glossy brushed fabric
    The moist and soft brushed fabric makes your relaxing time more comfortable. The slightly glossy luster gives a calm impression to the room. There are two colors that are easy to match, light gray, which gives a soft and bright impression, and black, which tightens the space but does not get in the way.

    Cushioning properties
    Considering cushioning properties suitable for low seat heights, a layer of feathers and a layer of hard urethane foam are placed under the surface fabric. By providing it, it is finished to be comfortable to sit on, not too hard and not too soft. Please enjoy the cushioning that matches the size that is deep and relaxing.

    Size: W850×D600×H425mm

    Material: Upholstery: Polyester 96% Nylon 4%, Leg: Alder urethane resin paint finish

    ■ Finished product
    ■ Manual: Available
    ■ Country of origin: China

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