Clair Coffee Table 90 (W900 × D500 × H387)

SKU: 1108100069008
CLAIR COFFEE TABLE 90 (W900 × D500 × H387)
CLAIR COFFEE TABLE 90 (W900 × D500 × H387)
CLAIR COFFEE TABLE 90 (W900 × D500 × H387)
CLAIR COFFEE TABLE 90 (W900 × D500 × H387)

Clair Coffee Table 90 (W900 × D500 × H387)

SKU: 1108100069008
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It is a simple glass table finished by bending a piece of clear glass. while making beautiful not using metal, we realized firm strength with tempered glass of relief even in the unlikely event. Because it is transparent, it is easy to be familiar with any room and can produce a spacious space without a feeling of pressure. Without concealing the rug of attention, it complements beautifully. Coordinates put lights and objects under the table are also fantastic and recommended.
Size: W900 × D500 × H387mm
Material: Tempered glass
Care Instruction
■ This product is designed for household use. It cannot be used for business purposes.
■ If a tall object is placed on the product, it may fall over and be damaged. When placing things on the top board, make sure that there is no risk of falling.
■ If anything larger than the top plate is placed, it may cause a drop or damage. Be sure to enter the inside of the top board.
■ When moving, pressing or pulling may damage or damage the floor. Be sure to lift and move it by two or more people.
■ Do not place heated items such as kettles and pans directly on the product. Failure to do so might cause fire, discoloration, deformation or damage.
■ Do not apply excessive load to part of the product. It may cause falls, deformations, or damage.
■ When placing an object on the top, place it evenly on the surface. It may cause deflection or cracking.
■ If you poke your hand to the edge of the top board, use it instead of a platform, or if a child stands on the top board, it may fall and cause injury.
■ Directly putting a rough surface may cause scratches.
■ Although this product is tempered glass, please be aware that there is a risk of breakage if a concentrated load is applied to one point.
■ Instruction Manual: Available
■ Country of Origin: China

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