Object Lamp Purple

SKU: 1109020019173
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Object Lamp Purple
Object Lamp Purple
Object Lamp Purple
Object Lamp Purple
Object Lamp Purple
Object Lamp Purple
Object Lamp Purple
Object Lamp Purple
Object Lamp Purple
Object Lamp Purple
Object Lamp Purple

Object Lamp Purple

SKU: 1109020019173
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A mini lamp with a unique design that catches the eye with the combination of a fluffy base and a round light.
The light part has been treated to glow gently.
Size: W110×D110×H170mm Cord length: Approximately 1.5m
Material: Dolomite, glass, LED module
Care Instruction
■Light bulb type: LED (replacement (Not allowed)
■Power supply: DC5V90mA (USB port)
■Do not modify or disassemble this product, or modify the surface of the main unit.
■If this product is damaged, please stop using it.
■Do not damage the power cord, forcibly bend, pull, twist, place it near high temperature parts, place heavy objects on it, or pinch it.
■Do not use if the power cord is damaged or if the plug into the power source is loose.
■If there is any abnormality with the main unit or power cord, such as a strange odor, strange noise, or abnormal heat, immediately disconnect the power cord and stop using it. Continuing to use the product under abnormal conditions may cause accidents such as fire or electric shock, or malfunction.
■Do not immerse the main unit or power cord in water or splash water on it.
■Do not use or store in hot and humid places.
■Do not connect or disconnect the power cord with wet hands.
■Please use and store out of reach of children.
■Unplug the power cord from the power supply when not in use.
■Do not connect to anything that cannot provide stable power, such as a USB hub. This may cause the product to malfunction and may be damaged.
■This product can use the USB port of a computer as a power source, but it does not affect the data or programs inside the computer. We cannot guarantee against loss of data or programs that occur during connection.
■When connecting or disconnecting the power cord, be sure to hold the connector part. If you hold the cord, it may break.
■Do not look directly at the LED light of this product. There is a risk of eye damage.
■Do not place this product in a place exposed to direct sunlight.
■Do not place this product in a car under the scorching sun or near high-temperature places such as heaters or gas ranges.
■When storing this product, please store it in a dry and dust-free place.
■ Do not cover the shade with clothing, paper, etc.
■ The light source of this product uses an LED module, so the LED cannot be replaced.
■ Do not use any USB adapter other than the one that comes with this product, as it may not function properly.
■ Due to the manufacturing process, the frosting of the shade may be uneven or may not be applied in some areas. Please note that this is a product characteristic.
■Country of origin: China

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