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    This desktop pendulum clock in pure white and soft wood color can blend into any interior style effortlessly. It has a sweep movement which avoids the tick-tick sound. * Does not have seconds hand.
    Size: W160 × D60 × H250mm
    Material: Needle: Aluminum, Body: MDF, Body (Wood): MDF, Birch
    ■ Movement: Sweep
    ■ Compatible battery: 1 AA battery * Comes with a test battery.
    ■ Accuracy
    ■ Instruction Manual: Yes
    ■ Warranty: Yes ■ Warranty Period: 6 months
    ■ Installation location may cause failure. Please avoid.
    -Locations subject to strong vibration or impact-
    -Locations subject to high temperatures and humidity such as outdoors or bathrooms, locations where condensation is likely to occur, locations subject to direct sunlight
    -Locations with strong magnetic fields
    -Dust Place where it occurs frequently
    -Place where the temperature is 50 ° C or higher or -10 ° C or lower
    ■ Installation method
    -Flat place, stable place, place where children and pets cannot reach Please install in.
    -Please note that installation in an incomplete location may cause the watch to fall and break, or cause injury.
    ■ How to care for the watch
    ・ When removing dirt and dust from the watch, wipe it with a soft cloth.
    ・ Do not use benzine, thinner, scouring powder, or detergent. There is a risk of scratches and discoloration.
    ■ Battery
    -Insert the battery paying attention to the positive and negative directions.
    -If the needle stops during use, or if a delay or other error occurs, the battery used may be exhausted, so replace it with a new one as soon as Allowed.
    -The included battery is for initial operation check. When the operation is confirmed, replace it with a new battery.
    ・ Do not use old batteries. Old batteries can leak and damage the watch and surroundings.
    -Please remove the battery when not in use for a long time.

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