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    HK$ 240.00
    Color: MULTI
    It is a small case that the soft color taste like spring is lovely. It is also recommended to decorate as an object other than the case.
    Size: W75 × D75 × H55mm
    Material: Zinc alloy, pewter
    ■ Because it is a handmade product, the shape and color may differ slightly.
    ■ Please do not give excessive shock when opening and closing because it is a delicately made product. Be careful not to get your hands caught.
    ■ Please handle with care as it may be damaged by the impact or the decoration may peel off.
    ■ If it gets dirty, wipe it lightly and avoid using chemicals.
    ■ Do not put wet items or leave them wet as they may cause rust.
    ■ Uses magnets. Do not use near cards.

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