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    Color: DARK PINK
    A book box designed like an overseas magazine.
    When you open the cover, you can store it inside.
    Size: W160 × D53 × H200mm
    Material: PVC, MDF, Polysell, Magnet
    ■ Avoid using in direct sunlight or in places exposed to light for a long time. It may discolor.
    ■ Please note that the adhesive may peel off if used in a hot and humid environment or in a dry place.
    ■ Dark colors may fade due to friction. In particular, do not put wet items in it or rub it with wet items.
    ■ Do not put an excessively heavy object on it or put it on it.
    ■ Do not use near fire.
    ■ Because it is a polyurethane material, the surface may deteriorate over time. Please note that it is a product characteristic.
    ■ Be careful not to pinch your fingers when opening and closing.
    ■ Keep away from magnetically sensitive objects.

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