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    HK$ 1,000.00
    Color: PURPLE
    It is an art board that expresses boldly somewhere with bold brushstrokes in SANDY WELCH's Flora series. SANDY WELCH uses fashion and beach landscapes, high brands and everything that surrounds life as its motif, and uses vivid colors to draw on a unique sense of the world. Based on the art of SANDY WELCH, it is an art that brings out the three-dimensional effect with acrylic paint and brings out the vividness of the color.
    Size: W700 × D25 × H700mm
    Material: Frame / back (inside): MDF, canvas / acrylic paint, back: paper tag: cardboard
    ■ As each item has its own hand-drawn decoration, the color and texture may vary. The art section is uneven, so do not touch the art section.
    ■ Do not use the product in a place exposed to direct sunlight or light for a long time.
    ■ When hanging on the wall, hang it on the wall where nails or hooks can be attached. Please note that falling is very dangerous.
    ■ When hanging on a wall nail or hook, make sure that it is not separated from the wall. Hang after checking the load resistance of nails and hooks. (The product weighs about 2. 5mm. )
    ■ Please be careful in the event of an earthquake.
    ■ Check regularly that the fasteners are not loosened, and stop using them when they come loose or are damaged.

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