Art Flower Art Board Pink

SKU: 1111100095229
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Art Flower Art Board  Pink
Art Flower Art Board  Pink
Art Flower Art Board  Pink
Art Flower Art Board  Pink
Art Flower Art Board  Pink
Art Flower Art Board  Pink

Art Flower Art Board Pink

SKU: 1111100095229
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An art board containing art flowers (artificial flowers).
The flowers are inside the frame, so you can display them freely without worrying about dust.
Size: W300×D50×H400mm
Material: Polystyrene (PS), glass, polyester
Care Instruction
■Places exposed to direct sunlight, near air conditioning equipment, or high temperatures Do not install or use in humid locations.
■Although the main unit can stand on its own, it is dangerous if it falls over due to shaking such as an earthquake, so please use it by firmly attaching it to a wall.
■Hang nails or hooks through the two holes on the back metal fittings and install it on the wall.
■Please be careful not to damage the wall when installing.
■Please hang it on a wall where you can attach nails or hooks.
■Please be careful as it is very dangerous if it falls.
■When hanging on a nail or hook on the wall, make sure it is not far from the wall.
■Also, please check the load capacity of the nails and hooks before hanging.
■Please be careful in the event of an earthquake.
■The glass surface can be slid.
■Please use it when cleaning the flower materials inside.
■Please be careful not to damage the glass surface.
■When hanging on a wall, make sure that the hook that holds the slide is tightly closed before using or installing it.
■Please check periodically to see if the fasteners on the hanging hardware are loose, and if they become loose or damaged, please stop using the wall hanging.
■ Rubbing or hitting the glass surface with hard or sharp objects may cause scratches or damage.
■Please do not use items that are damaged such as chips or cracks.
■When wiping the glass with detergent, the print may come off, so please test it on an inconspicuous area before use.
■Please note that some parts of the artificial flowers are decorative and may easily peel off if touched too strongly.
■Please use out of reach of children and pets.
■Country of origin: China

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