Francfranc brand new loyalty App is coming soon!

Thank you so much for your continued support!

To provide better services, we will launch Francfranc FUN! mobile App in early 2023.

You will earn 1FUN! for every HK$1 spending in Francfranc physical and online shops.

You can use FUN! to redeem personalized offers, gift rewards, and more fun activities awaiting!

Existing VIP Policy will no longer be applicable after Francfranc FUN! App Membership Program launched. 

Existing VIP who downloaded the Francfranc FUN! mobile App and successfully registered will be automatically invited to become members and enjoy their exclusive privileges*.

If the VIP has not successfully registered before specified deadline^, it will be regarded as a renunciation of his/her right to enjoy membership. We reserve the right to delete personal information of the VIP from our system without prior notice.

If you have any questions about Francfranc membership, please email us at


^For the deadline and more information, please stay tuned to Francfranc official website for the latest announcement.

Our New Loyalty App is coming soon!

Earn FUN! for every spending in Francfranc physical and online shops.

You can redeem FUN! for cash coupons, product rewards, and a lot more fund activities awaiting.

Stay tuned!

*Francfranc FUN! member privileges:

Enjoy year-round 10% discount on all original price items (except consignment items)

Enjoy year-round 15% discount on all original price items with every single net purchase over HK$5,000

Get Birthday Gift “2,500 FUN!” and Double FUN! for spending in birthday month

Enjoy year-round 50% discount for all service charges

Enjoy privilege sale and exclusive promotion activities

Receive regular updates of Francfranc new arrivals and upcoming events

Stay tuned! Enjoy 2,500FUN! Welcome Offer!

Terms and Conditions:

- Francfranc FUN! membership is only valid within Hong Kong territories and Hong Kong online shop.

- Cannot be used in conjunction with other special discount offers / coupon / credit card offer.

- Do not apply to gift voucher or gift card purchase.

- Francfranc HONG KONG LIMITED reserves the right to amend the above terms and conditions without prior notice.

- Should there be any disputes, Francfranc HONG KONG LIMITED's decision shall be final.