Time to Get Ready for Christmas !

Looking for a Christmassy and instagrammable Christmas tree for your home? 

Francfranc “all-inclusive” Christmas Tree Starter Set definitely adds an excellent festive touch to your home !

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Francfranc Christmas tree that satisfies your festive decorating needs

Gorgeous Ornaments & Lighting 

A simple yet gorgeous Christmas tree with chic voluminous tree body,  glamourous illumination lights, luxurious tree skirts and elegant ornaments and tree tops. 


An "all-inclusive" set with tree, ornaments, tree skirt, beads chin, tree top, LED light and ribbon (180cm and 150cm only). Free-shipping is available for the online purchase !

Easy to Assemble

Only 4 steps, the tree can easily be assembled. So, it is a gorgeous Christmas tree that anyone can build.

3 Sizes & 3 Colors 

9 types to choose from, green, gold and pink, big, medium and small !

3 Sizes Available

Size: 180 cm / 150 cm

Suitable for those with larger decoration area or would like to create a Christmas wonderland with a standing tree

Size: 60 cm

Suitable for those with limited area or would like to add a Christmassy twist as a highlight

3 Colors Available


 A classic color for Christmas: 

 - Green often symbolizes good luck, and health. With some red ornaments, it gives a feeling of love and romance during the festive.


A bright color:

- Gold is often used to represent prosperity, and glamour. It seems to bring light into the darkness.


A girly and fun color: 

- Pink is sometimes to be a fun retro twist in decoration. It brightens up a space in a unique and interesting way.


[ This Year Special Edition ]

VILLAINS NIGHT Christmas tree is based on the concept of 5 villains "Ursula", "Cruella", "Queen of Hearts", "Maleficent" and "Evil Queen". 

View VILLAINS NIGHT Christmas tree 

Different designs in different colors and sizes

Depending on the size of the Christmas tree, you can enjoy different designs such as ornaments and tree skirts.

Even if you display different sizes one by one, the design will not overlap!

Comes with a stylish tree skirt that hides the feet of the Christmas tree.

8 types of lighting patterns

LED lighting is also included, so you can enjoy illumination at night or in a dark room.

In addition, Francfranc Christmas tree has a large number of branches to create a voluminous feeling , creating an elegant atmosphere with depth.

It's easy to assemble!

Only 4 steps, the tree can easily be assembled. So, it is a gorgeous Christmas tree that anyone can build.

Compact package for off-season storage

A box package that is easy to store in the off-season, such as under the bed or in the closet.

It is designed to store everything from trees to ornaments.

*Please note that the packaging may be different from photo.

Francfranc Christmas Tree Starter Set is an “all-inclusive" kit. 

Also, through online purchase, there is FREE shipping fee and delivered directly to your home.

So, enjoy the Early Bird Discount (15% off) during pre-order (1-20 Oct) and have a the hassle-free Christmas by purchasing online now !