DESIGN 印花地毯經典花圖案小號淺灰色

SKU: 1102090103575
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DESIGN 印花地毯經典花圖案小號淺灰色
DESIGN 印花地毯經典花圖案小號淺灰色
DESIGN 印花地毯經典花圖案小號淺灰色
DESIGN 印花地毯經典花圖案小號淺灰色

DESIGN 印花地毯經典花圖案小號淺灰色

SKU: 1102090103575
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A design rug with a print on a soft material with a cashmere touch.
Achieving high quality texture at an affordable price.
Classical flowers are printed in large monochrome colors, and the large pattern has a soft gray tone that makes it easy to match with any room.
It's thin and light, so it's easy to lay it out and put it away. With a moderate size of 140 x 100 cm, it is recommended not only for a room where you live alone, but also for a living room or study.
The back is anti-slip so you can use it with confidence, and the great thing about it is that you can wash it at home.
We have a wide range of different patterns and sizes, so you can choose according to the taste and size of your room.
Size: W1400×D1000mm
Material: Surface: 100% polyester, Back: Non-woven fabric with anti-slip
Care Instruction
■Washing machine: 30℃ limit "low" possible
■ Dry cleaning: Not possible
■ Tumble drying: Not possible
■ Ironing: Not possible
■ Use with floor heating/hot carpet: Yes
■ Due to the characteristics of the product, size and color may vary. There may be slight variations in print density and texture.
■Due to the characteristics of the material, it may discolor if exposed to direct sunlight or lights for a long time. Also, dark colored areas may fade or transfer.
■Fuzzing, shedding, and pilling may occur due to friction during use.
■The latex filling is synthetic latex and may deteriorate depending on usage and storage conditions. Please avoid using or storing in hot and humid conditions.
■Please note that the texture may change after washing.
■The back side has a non-slip coating. If it is used in the same place for a long time, the resin on the back may transfer to the floor, so please check it regularly and change the position before use.
■Please avoid using a vacuum cleaner with strong power as the threads may break or be pulled out.
■You may not be able to use some types of washing machines, such as drum-type washing machines. Please check the washing machine instruction manual before washing.
■Please use a washing machine with a capacity of 8 kg or more.
■When washing, please put it in a net and wash it separately.
■Please avoid using fabric softener.
■Do not leave it wet for a long time.
■Avoid tumble drying, adjust the shape and air dry.
■Country of origin: China
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