ROOST 保温杯中號 花圖案粉紅色

SKU: 1101040059320
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ROOST 保温杯中號 花圖案粉紅色
ROOST 保温杯中號 花圖案粉紅色
ROOST 保温杯中號 花圖案粉紅色
ROOST 保温杯中號 花圖案粉紅色
ROOST 保温杯中號 花圖案粉紅色
ROOST 保温杯中號 花圖案粉紅色
ROOST 保温杯中號 花圖案粉紅色

ROOST 保温杯中號 花圖案粉紅色

SKU: 1101040059320
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The popular Roost Thermo Tumbler series has been redesigned.
This is a stainless steel cup with a vacuum double structure that can hold take-out drinks, convenience store coffee, etc.
Regular size/large size ice cream (large size hot depending on the cup) fits perfectly. (*Varies depending on the cup size at each convenience store.)
The bottom of the regular size is slightly raised, but the heat retention and cold retention effects are almost the same.
When you have a drink at the office, in your car, or at home, you can keep your drink fresh for a long time, and it also prevents condensation, so your desk won't get soaked. Of course, you can also use it by directly adding drinks.
The Francfranc original floral design is created from scratch and is recommended as a gift for Mother's Day or White Day.
Size: W86×D86×H120mm Capacity: 420ml
Material: Stainless steel
Care Instruction
■Vacuum manufacturing process There is a hole on the top and bottom, and a seal is attached for protection. It's attached. *Function will not be affected even if it comes off.
■Do not use for anything other than keeping drinks hot or cold.
■Please do not put foods containing a lot of salt such as soups and sports drinks, milk drinks, fruit pulp, tea leaves, etc. as this may cause rust and rot. If you put something with a strong smell into the product for a long time, the smell may remain inside the product.
■Do not leave drinks in the container for long periods of time.
■Do not leave it with drinks in it for a long time, as this may lead to spoilage or deterioration, and please consume it within the same day.
■Do not place near fire or stove. Doing so may cause burns, product deformation, or discoloration.
■If the product becomes deformed or damaged, please stop using it immediately.
■Do not subject the product to strong impact, such as dropping it from a high place.
■Please be careful not to rub it with hard objects as this may cause it to peel off.
■ Paint may peel off due to chemicals contained in hand creams, etc.
■Please use and store out of reach of infants.
■Do not heat in the microwave.
■Do not put it in the freezer.
■Due to use, the paint on the main body and its heat and cold retention properties will deteriorate over time. If the heat retention properties decrease, please stop using the product as it may become hot and cause burns.
■When using it as a cover, be sure to place your hand on the cup when bringing it to your mouth, as the drink cup may tilt and the contents may spill.
■After use, please use dish detergent diluted with lukewarm water.
■If the dirt inside the main unit is difficult to remove, please use oxygen bleach every 30 minutes.
■Do not use bleach on the outside of the main unit as it may cause the paint to peel off.
■Do not soak and wash as this may cause the paint to peel off, deform, rust, etc.
■Do not use chlorine bleach, thinner, benzene, alcohol, metal scrubbers, polishing powder, cleansers, etc.
■Do not use the dishwasher or dryer.
■After cleaning, wipe off the moisture as soon as possible and dry thoroughly. Inadequate maintenance may cause stains, discoloration, odors, and peeling of the paint.
■Due to the adhesion of iron and other impurities contained in water, spots of red rust and limescale may form during use. In this case, pour lukewarm water with about 10% vinegar into the main unit, wait about 30 minutes, and then wash it thoroughly with a soft sponge.
■Country of origin: China

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