TWEED 花呢可折疊鏡子大號粉紅色

SKU: 1105060053436
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TWEED 花呢可折疊鏡子大號粉紅色
TWEED 花呢可折疊鏡子大號粉紅色
TWEED 花呢可折疊鏡子大號粉紅色
TWEED 花呢可折疊鏡子大號粉紅色
TWEED 花呢可折疊鏡子大號粉紅色
TWEED 花呢可折疊鏡子大號粉紅色

TWEED 花呢可折疊鏡子大號粉紅色

SKU: 1105060053436
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A folding mirror sized for applying makeup in your room.
The same design as the Tweed series pouch allows you to organize your makeup.
It is foldable so you can store it without taking up much space.
Size: W177×D23×H230mm
Material: Outer material: Polyester, wool, acrylic, synthetic leather, Lining: Polyester, Mirror: Glass
Care Instruction
■Materials Due to its characteristics, dark colored areas may fade or transfer.
■Discoloration may occur if exposed to direct sunlight or lights for a long time.
■As it is made of delicate material, please be careful not to get it rubbed or caught.
■Fuzzing, shedding, and pilling may occur due to use or friction.
■Please avoid washing.
■Please avoid strong friction or water exposure as this may cause discoloration and scratches.
■ To remove dirt, please wipe gently with a cloth dampened with water.
■Do not place near fire.
■Applying strong impact or excessive load to the product may cause damage, so please be careful when using it.
■The mirror is made of glass, so there is a risk of injury if it falls or is damaged by a strong impact. Please be careful when handling.
■If cracks or cracks occur, please stop using it immediately.
■If the mirror gets dirty, please wipe it gently with a dry soft cloth.
■Please avoid using in humid places or near water.
■Please avoid installing or storing the product in a place exposed to direct sunlight.
■Country of origin: China

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